Our Process

Medical wig building differs greatly from that of an entertainment wig for film, television or stage. The delicate process of working with clients who will lose or have already lost their hair due to chemotherapy or radiation therapy is a very time-consuming yet a fulfilling experience. That is why we pay extra attention to how we prep the wigs, and educate our customers on how to use and care for their wigs.

  • The process begins with shaving the head and fitting the client with a temporary stock wig.

  • If timed well, the client’s real hair can go through a preparation process and be incorporated into the build of the wig.

  • The client is educated in how to care for their new hair prosthesis. Tip sheets and a head block to store the wig are provided.

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HIPAA Compliance

We take compliance to HIPAA seriously and ensure that our customers are well-informed about their choices pertaining to their medical records.

Read our HIPAA Policy