Types of Medical Grade Wig Units

Expensive hair transplant surgery may not be as ideal as it adds more stress to your already traumatized scalp. Additionally it's called cosmetic surgery and therefore is not covered by most insurance plans.

There are many benefits to wearing a prosthetic unit. These units are designed to provide both comfort and style for the clients. The innovative construction of the unit helps those suffering with hair loss with minimal inconvenience.

There are 3 types of Cranial Prosthetic medical grade units:

  • Customized requires head measurements and can come in any of the units below. The measurements will generally be taken by the client's doctor and added to the client's prescription order.
  • The Silk Top unit is manufactured with silk and lace fabric. This unit is suitable for anyone going through a medical hair loss aliment and wants a unit that looks most natural. This unit has small holes to increase the ventilation which stops the itching due to sweating on the scalp.
  • Monofilament is ideal for clients with a sensitive scalp. It's made with a specific material in the middle of the unit and ultra thin fabric that supports ventilation. This type of unit provides ultra realistic wear to the clients.

Prosthetics units must be soft and comfortable. They are crafted with high quality fabric or silicone bases. The silk lace or transparent monofilament fabric is used to provide maximum comfort to the client. The purpose of using this material is to allow oxygen to flow through the hair system, reach the scalp, and prevent irritation.

Patients who suffer from any traumatic ailment don’t want to face the opinions and questions of people around them. Therefore the cranial prosthetic  is designed to perfection and to provide a natural look to clients so they can avoid judgement from peers.

Medical grade wigs allow patients to feel normal.